8 Gorgeous Decor Items That Every Indian Home Should Have

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Every home has a different decor, but it will still have a place for the common decorating ideas like lamps, candle holders, stools, a prayer area, low seating arrangements with the beautiful cushion covers and much more. The Indian home decorations take us close to the comfort while making a style statement.Here are the eight gorgeous decor items that every Indian Home should have.

The comfy cushion covers

Traditional Indian Decor - Cushion Covers

The cushion covers find a place in almost each household. Apart from being used to give rest to our back or body, the cushion covers are also used as the decorative pieces as well. There are a variety of the throw pillow covers available with classy and the traditional work that reflects the Indian decor.

These comfy and cushy cushion covers can be picked up according to the work and embellishments that make them suitable for both the indoor and the outdoor use. Other than the simple cushion covers, we can also have the floor cushion covers. These quilted floor cushion covers make a real good seating arrangement on the ground when you have kids at home.

Always check for the closure and the fill material before the final purchase.

The trendy Pouf Covers

Traditional Indian Decor - Pouf Cover and Ottoman

The style and the change of trends in the home decor have added a lot of luxury to the living. The armchair has been replaced by the Ottomans and the bean bags. The Ottomans are majorly for the low and comfortable seating. The stylish and beautiful Pouf covers take all the attention in your living room.

The traditional Pouf covers that has the glass work, pomp- pomp lace along the edges and the other such detailing also looks elegant. Other than these designs, the Pouf leather covers can also be are also good to have in your study room or library. The digital prints on the Pouf covers give them a unique appearance. Use these Ottomans or the wooden crochet and the Pouf covers in the kids room to enhance the appeal of the room.

The brass items to complete the Indian home decoration

Traditional Indian Decor - Brass Figurines

The old and the vintage brass items always find a place in some corner of the house. These are also placed on the chest drawer set that lies in one corner of the room. The traditional Indian decor style talks a lot about the brass figurines. An old teapot can also be used as a flower pot or maybe an old painted brass plate can be hanged on the wall.

Experiment the serenity with the bedspreads and the quilts

Traditional Indian Decor - Bedspreads and Quilts

A home looks much peaceful and serene when we put in efforts, making it that way. A bedspread can change the air in the room, giving it a much peaceful appearance. Especially the floral prints on the bed sheets keeps the ambiance of the room much lighter and calm.

The material of the bedspread should preferably be cotton for the Spring and Summer season, keeping all that sweat away from you. A hand block printed bed sheet is about the Indian home decor. The texture and the fabric of the bed sheet should be taken care of well before purchase keeping in mind the season and the comfort.

Cover the bed with the snug and comfortable quilts that keep you warm, especially in winters.

An Ethnic fancy, big mirror in your living room

An elegant piece of the big mirror with the decorative borders all over can also be used to decorate the living room. We can also use it over the chimney either in the drawing room or the living room.

It makes the room look a little bigger and adds a class of luxury to the home decor. The lights around the mirror can help to give the room a touch of affluence.

The Lamps and Candle Holders

Traditional Indian Decor - Candle Holders

The traditional candle lamps that can be placed or hanged anywhere is another fancy way in which you can decorate your home. The glass made lamps gives the sufficient illumination in the room and the maximum reflection.

The wall mounted lamps, and the glass made chandelier gives a royal decoration for the home. Keep them clean and the glasses shining for the scintillating looks and lights.

The Drawer sets and the stool

Traditional Indian Decor - Drawer Sets

Storage is always a challenge in the house. To keep a house clean, it is obvious to keep everything in place and that too neatly. The drawer sets in different designs and with different capacity that are made to order should be used. Design them according to the needs and the storage space.

Always keep in mind that the drawer sets should not block the vision or the air with their weights and the bulky looks. Place them in the empty corners to utilize the area.

Similarly, the wooden stools that are hand carved can find their best use in any room. Just place them on your bedside to store much stuff. The stools can also have drawers that can store small things like a telephone diary, pen, etc. making it easy to find them in one place.

Frames to adorn. Frames of love

Traditional Indian Decor - Wooden Wall Frames

The Indian home decoration talks a lot on the wall frames that are made of wood or metal. The frames can be used to adorn the walls that look a little imposing when bare. These wooden frames of love remind you of the best moments of the life which were spent with the loved ones.

A home comes complete when decorated with the lamps, cushion covers, wall frames and all this is nurtured with love and affection. Give the generations a reason to connect, a place to find love and care.

Decorate your home in these Indian ways to reconnect with culture and traditions.

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