Mothers Day 2016 – 10 Thoughtful & Handmade Gift Ideas for Your Mother

Mother's day gift ideas

A Mother is the first love for each one of us. With the approaching Mother’s Day, here is yet another way and day to thank her in our special ways. For me, this time, it is not going to end with just a gift and a dinner. I have some ten thoughtful and handmade gift ideas for this Mother’s Day 2016.

We all respect our mothers and wish to pay her the gratitude in our unique ways. I am sure everyone would have their ideas to celebrate this occasion. Here are a few gifting ideas to make the day even better.

A sumptuous breakfast followed by her favorite accessory

For this year, I am thinking of a delightful breakfast for my mom followed by giving her the first gift of the day. My mom is an artistic person and is very much fond of fragrances and perfumes. So, I have to make arrangements to recreate her in the best thinkable way.

I have plenty of ideas for the Mother Day Gifts, but to me her choices and preferences were important. The breakfast will include her favorite cuisine that will refresh her. Right after the lunch, I plan to assign a help to give her the first gift of the day.

Ipad Case

What excites me is the imagination seeing her smile with her favorite music instrument, an Ipad case or a piano. For the fragrance, I have already visited the local mall and purchased her the best-loved fragrance.

Try gifting her things accompanies with a heart filled emotions that she value more than anything else!

Her favorite kitchen accessory or a gadget

Why not gift her favorite kitchen accessory like the cutlery or the bowls set. Believe me; this is going to be a challenging idea to look for a good and durable kitchen accessory set.

Other than which, we can simply buy her a kitchen gadget that eases her job. Like a coffee maker, a juicer or a measuring cup set will do.

Kitchen Bowls Set

An Umbrella to keep her protected and looks good

It just popped randomly in my mind. My mother is a very social person, and she visits people quite often. To keep her protected from the heat, wind and dust, I thought of an umbrella as a gift.

Pick up the best piece that is strong and is abrasion resistant. The umbrella should take care of her hair, keeps the clothes dry so that she can arrive on time. What should obviously be kept in mind is the quality. The convex shaped umbrella should be water, mold and abrasion resistant.

Apart from this, I picked a small and that too colorful, quite traditional umbrella for her. My mom is a happy person who loves multiple colors. Hence, I got her an umbrella with the traditional, yet attractive prints. UMB00220-2_6

A Paper Diary to store the memories

Nothing comes as a better option to relive a moment spent than penning each memory in a diary. My mom is a very creative person with command in her language. She has been collecting our pictures since childhood.

I thought pasting each captured picture along with describing those moments will be fun and exciting for her.

Printed Paper Diary

Classy bewitching bags

I never heard of a woman doing without a bag. Good as a gifting option, why not surprise our mothers with traditional, contemporary or embellished clutch bag.  Let her flaunt this accessory that will surely catch attention for her.

These days’ studded or luxurious sequined bags are too much in vogue. If not able to decide on the bag, consider some tote for an erratic day or the bling slings as well.

These days the online portal offers much to our exposure, the choice and the types of the bags. The idea to gift a sling bag on Mother’s Day will also work. But just check whether she has ample of storage for her cash and mobile in it. Go for the bling sling in a color that suits her personality and is her favorite.

Yellow Handbag

Her favorite indulging novel

A novel or book with the latest release will be a correct choice if our mother has a habit of reading. Pick one of her most liked author and that too from her favorite store.

Design a Yoga routine for her. A Yoga mat bag for accomplishment.

More than we love our mother, it is really important to take care of her health. This Mother’s Day 2016, let us take an initiative to include yoga in her routine. Motivate her to join the Yoga classes.

I have already booked Yoga classes for her and will make it exciting by gifting her the Yoga mat bag. I am sure it will be easy for her to go when we think about health.

Yoga Mat Bag

Scarf and Stoles

The trends and the latest styles of Stoles and scarf are too much in fashion when taken around the neck. Let her try the new styles of carrying the Stoles around the neck

The Tie and Dye patterns are in, and a must have. I have ordered a scarf online for her after some research.

Blue Scarf

Classic Figurines

Most of the females are fond of decorating their home. The choice of decor can vary from one to the other. For my mom, she like the metal and the spiritual idol handmade figurines. I got my hand on some of the vintage cars figures for our living room. Hope my mom would like it.

Spiritual idol Handmade Figurine

Bake a Cake or order it!

Apart from some of these Mother’s day gifting options, I plan to bake a cake for her. My mom loves flowers and that I will arrange from the nearby florist.  Hopefully, that will be delivered to her at the start of the day.

I wish all to have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Hi there! I’m Shweta Sharma, a 30 yr old homemaker and a part-time blogger. I started my blogging with two goals in mind – To become an independent woman & to inspire, share and motivate others through my home decorating experiences. Decorating a home was always my passion. After marriage, I found myself more inspired and fascinated by the world of decoration and home transformations. So, I decided to write about home decoration, creative DIY projects and inexpensive ways to decorate a home. Personally, I like the traditional style because this classic style is all about comfort, warmth, and familiarity.

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