Great Ideas for Gift Items Made with Paper & Wood

Paper Gift Items

I have always loved giving gifts and presents even without any special occasion. For each time to be a unique and memorable experience, I try to give some extraordinary gift. What is more exciting for me is that I get to explore the best possible gifting options.

It is not necessary that I will always buy the gifts from the market. With the creativity at its best disposal, many gift options can be considered like desk accessories, pen holders, office sets, paper diary, wooden figurines, desk photo frames and others that have great utility.

My colleagues and the people at my home spend a lot of time in office, that too on the desk job. For all of us, it is really important to take a note of their tasks that have been assigned and accomplished by them. Although the world is falling for the smart applications on the smartphones, the need for the paper pads and the diaries will never fall apart. Taking a note of this, I thought of gifting many of them the compact, easy to carry paper diaries along with the paper holders that can be a useful desk accessory.

Printed paper Diary

What seems very troublesome is the space management at many different places. The small wooden space-saving desk organizer is a good idea to gift. The smallest of the accessories like pins, clips and stationery items can be stored in it. I feel this can avoid the office desk being clumsy and you can get everything at one place only.

The wooden file collator or the smaller wooden racks is another option for the wooden gifts. You can simply please your boss with this wood collator, making him feel special with a different look of his desk. Keeping in mind the utility of the wooden item you plan to gift, you can know what will suit the requirements the most. There are multiple options of the storage types on the desk and office tackle box organizer.

There are multiple options to accessorize your desk without making it too much cluttered. The wooden office set, pen stand, card holder and other things are the stuff that gives your table a neat and clean look.

Paper Penstand

This time, what I plan to gift myself and my boss are a wooden office desk set. A compact gifting solution that fulfills all the requirements like that of a wooden pen stand, wooden paper holder, your mobile holder, a wooden writing pad and a wooden paperweight. When all that is made of wood, then why to leave a table clock. I picked up one from the nearby store to gift it to my boss as well. The attractive piece of the wooden table clock will complete the table looks.

Wooden Table Clock

The idea is to make our lives easier so that we do not miss anything that is of utter importance.I added more fun to it by simply getting these wooden gifts personalized. Gifting itself draws a cordial relation, and spicing it up with the personalized name prints makes our gift special.

I found that a beautiful and impressive message along with the names printed turned on the concept of gifting. Almost everyone was impressed with the ideal gifting style.

Apart from this, a few papers made gifts that I considered are really important includes the paper coaster, the personalized paper notepads, and a sketch of the idol on the paper. We can also try making the figurines of birds, flowers, and other such patterns. The spiral notepads and the diaries are other options that can be customized to print on the cover page.

Printed paper Notepad

Adding the shades of colors to live with a tint of happiness is something that can be achieved by the colorful, vibrant handmade paper hangings. The shapes and the size can be selected as you want. These papers made wall hangings can also be personalized with the use of the pictures.

I am very much fond of such small, yet attractive gift items that can be made readily from the available material. Greeting cards and the posters made by hands with the personalized messages is also an excellent option of gifting.Easy to hand and ready to use posters can be hanged to the threads simply tied to the walls.

The paper coasters of which I made a mention earlier is an attraction to any table. Get them designed as per your choice and purpose of use, getting these paper coasters printed with the latest geometric and the monochrome patterns is really an exciting gifting option.

Printed Paper Coasters

The homemade flower bouquet made of the papers that are to be recycled is a classic option. Give it as a gift with the glass vase. What different can we try with these flowers is by getting some personalized messages printed on it. I remember, making small figurines and diagrams on the paper, then cutting them into the edges neatly. This motivated me to create some paper gifts made with paper, colors and the paper cardboard. Like we can design a large tree out of newspaper and stick it onto hardboard gives it some life. It can then be hung on the wall. Tie and hang some printed messages with the help of the thread.

Paper Flowers Vase

Giving presents and gifts made out of paper is rare and to design the gift yourself is like not so common. Both the paper and the wooden gifts are available with the multiple options. The gifts not only strengthens your relationships but also provide you with the options to express your feelings.

A gift gets better if it is useful to manage your space and decor. From the desk accessories to the space organizers, I believe the gifts fashioned in the paper and the woods forms a classic choice as well. And enhancing the gifts made of wood and paper by personalizing it is like a cherry on the cake.

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