5 Super Stylish Ways to Wear a Scarf This Season

5 Ways to style a scarf

Fashion accessories compliment the looks of the wearer and compliments the clothing. For different occasion and the dresses, there are different types of accessories. More than the men, the women have a craze for fashion and fashion accessories like scarfs and stoles.If I were to buy my next accessory, it would definitely be a beautiful scarf.

Be it any season, the demand for women stoles does not fade. They serve the purpose to keep away the cold or the heat. The most you should know is how to stylize with this simple accessory that throws the ethnic fashion upbeat. Here is how you can know five super stylish way to wear a scarf.

A Necklace style

Scarf - Neck Style
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Fold your scarf diagonally lengthwise. Tie the two loose ends. Take the entire loop around your neck with the knot on the back side. If you want, just give it another twist and loop again. Complete it to give a  beautiful necklace look.

Pick the scarf that has attractive floral prints for this spring season. Pronounce fashion with the most simple accessory, scarfs, and the stoles.

Very easy to tie.The French Knot

Scarf - French Knot Style

Experimenting the looks with the woman scarfs and stoles seems an excellent idea. Just take your and fold it in half. Put this around your shoulders. Now, take a loose end piece and pull it first under and then over the scarf loop. Repeat the same with the other free end. Take the other loose end, first over and then under the scarf loop. Here is your French knot.

For winters, I would suggest the checks printed scarf and for the springs let that be the colorful polka dots, geometric prints, floral prints or the abstract printed scarfs and stoles.

A different, yet attractive style

Scarf - Two Sided Attractive Style

Take two of your best scarf and place them face to face with each other, so you have two separate sides both on the top and the bottom. Make a loop once around the neck to show one side and turn to flaunt the other side of the scarf.

Prefer to take the two different styles of scarf both having different patterns and prints. Choose for one dark shade of the scarf and the other one should be comparatively of a little lighter color.

Wrap, Wrap-a cozy Neck Wrap

Scarf - Cozy Neck Wrap

Experiment this new look with the women stoles. Take a long scarf or a stole. Carry it around your neck. Tie both the loose ends to make a knot till it reaches your neck. Pull the cloth from the first loop to cover this knot. It will be a neat neck wrap with the managed loose ends. Both the ends of the scarf will be managed better.

Fold & Make a Braid

Scarf - Make a Braid

Simply fold the scarf by half and drape it around your shoulder. Keep the non-folder end longer and fit it into the folded end neatly. Leave some space at the folded end and twist it to make an 8. Now again fit the non-folded end into this second loop .You are ready to flaunt your scarf with a style.

Scarf and stoles are the ethnic fashion accessories that make up for the missing element when you dress for any event. Women tend to match the colors of the accessories to the rest of their dressing.

Pick the latest, trendiest and the chic scarf and stoles to carry yourself gracefully. I am sure these ways will be quite helpful to you.

The fashion accessory does not always restrict to the precious or the semi-precious jewelry. It refers to everything that is in extra to your clothing. The handy styling tips can make you feel good everywhere.

To supplement the attire, woman scarfs are their best clothing accessory. Experiment the looks for stunning and beautiful.

Source –  Wikihow.com

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