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How Do I Buy

It’s easy and simple to place an order at Rajrang. Just follow these steps:

Step 1-

Choose the desired product and enter the required size and quantity. Click on ‘Add to Cart’ button. You may delete an item from the cart, view the details of the cart or change the quantity of the product in the list. If you wish to add more products to your cart, click on ‘Continue Shopping’.

Once your cart is full, review your order summary and proceed to pay.

*If you have any discount voucher, enter the code in the ‘Apply Coupon’ box displayed in the order summary.

Step 2-

You’ll be redirected to ‘Fast Track Secure Checkout’. Enter your email address. If you have an account with Rajrang, move over to ‘I have an account and a password’, and enter your password. In case you have not registered, select ‘No, I don’t have an account’ to create a new account and make a password.

In case you do not wish to get registered you can always check out as a Guest user.

Step 3-

Billing & Shipping Information- Enter the shipping address and other mandatory fields. If you wish to get the product delivered to some other location, please select ‘My shipping and billing address are different’ checkbox

In case you do not wish to get registered you can always check out as a Guest user.

  • If you wish to receive our newsletters and deals on a regular basis, select ‘I would like to be informed of new collections and promotional offers’.

  • If you wish to save your contact details for future transactions as well, select ‘Save the Contact info in my profile’.

Step 4-

Review your ‘Order Summary & Logistics’. All the shipping charges and total invoice cost are listed here.

Step 5-

Payment Options- For your convenience, Rajrang offers multiple modes of payment. You can pay through Credit Card/Debit Card/ Net banking/PayPal/ or Braintree. Once the payment is received, we’ll notify you via email.

Step 6-

Shipping- Your order will be delivered within 10-15 days. However, if you wish for an early delivery, you may choose expedited/standard shipping while placing the order. We’ll keep informing you about the order status till the product reaches your doorstep.

For any questions regarding order placement, call us on 91-9602334333 or email at You can also submit a query through our contact form on the contact us page.

Happy Shopping!