Top 5 Tapestries That Will Add an Ethnic Feel to Any Room

Wall Tapestry

Each one of us has our style and sense of decorating our home be it small or big in size. The most important room in for most of us is the living room as it sets the impression. As they say, the first impression is the last impression, and hence, we need to work a lot to create a sway of art.

To me, my home means everything to me and to design my ethnic silhouette, I feel tapestries will work the best. The top 5 types of wall hangings that can help to add the ethnic feel to any room.

The Blissful Mandala Tapestry

Large prints on the mandala tapestry add an ethnic feel to any room at home. The Mandala Tapestry can be used to hang it on the wall or can be used as the bedspreads. Give a traditional feel to any room in the house and try to use the tapestry as the door curtains.

Blue Mandala Tapestry

Choose the colors that do not break the synchronous hues of colors and décor inside the room. The room decorated with the help of the tapestry is a way to add a classic collection with the choicest of the Mandala Tapestry. These tapestries are hand woven, but that comes with an impeccable work.

For an appreciated home décor, a Tapestry looks best when it is hanged to the wall. The mandala tapestry is quite sufficient in its looks and spread on the fabric. Do not mix other artworks that can be hung on the wall with the wall hanging. Use the mandala tapestry either in the living room or the bedroom.

The Grand Elephant Tapestry

If the room decoration is not satisfactory and up to the mark, experiment the newer looks with the grand elephant tapestry. It will not only bring luxurious feel but will also add the ethnic sense of beauty and grandiosity.

Elephant Tapestry

There are multiple options available in the elephant Tapestry. Consider the size of the room and then choose the proportionate size of the wall hanging the Tapestry. With the elephant prints on the highest quality fabric, enhance the décor of the room, thereby displaying the love for art and culture.

The elephant tapestries are made of patchwork or embroidery. Be sure before selecting the art piece for the room. Also, note that a single and a large sized elephant printed on the tapestry can be a better option if the room is of the bigger size. Well, to create the cozy and comfy small spaces, the Tapestry with the little elephant printed or crafted will make a right choice.

The Boho Tapestry

Pick the Bohemian Tapestry to throw the ethnic feel to any room at home. The cotton made bohemian tapestries are always better as they are easy to maintain.The throw of the colors and the splendid Boho art on the wall looks stunning.

Bohemian and Boho Tapestry

Use the Bohemian bedding or tapestry that is available in the larger sizes as well. I am sure, the splash of colors and the artistic designs on the fabric will give an ethnic feel to the home. The chic Bohemian tapestry can also be taken to the beach and spread it to relax.

The Tree of Life Psychedelic Wall Tapestry

A new kind of the ethnic touch with an altogether a new design of wall hanging tapestry. A tree of life psychedelic wall hanging appears mesmeric when it’s hanged to the wall. A true art lover will admire this piece of work.

Tree Of Life Tapestry

As the Tree of Life Tapestry adds charm to any living space or dorm room, it appears to be a mind-blowing idea to decorate the room. Apart from adding the ethnic feel to the room, the psychedelic blend of art and colors can be used for the beach party.

A Celestial Sun and Moon tapestry

The perfect blend of the prints and designs of the Sun and the Moon makes a magnificent celestial tapestry. The Celestial Tapestry will cater to the need of adding the ethnic touch to the room. Pick the gorgeous and well-crafted tapestry that can either be hanged to the wall or can be used as the throw blanket and a bedspread.

Sun and Moon Tapestry

The Sun and Moon Tapestry in a very soothing color can be picked at very reasonable prices. The different patterns of the Tapestry can simplify our idea to add traditional or cultural appeal to the home.

The tapestries are made from thin sheet fabric which is tightly loomed making it a durable material. We keep changing the décor and hence the need of the tapestries will never fall. Few things that should be keep in mind before purchasing the Tapestry is the fabric, care instructions, color combinations and last but very importantly the purpose to buy.

The option to decorate the room with the Tapestries is not only that it is inexpensive, but it is just to stay close to culture and tradition. That is how we can stay connected with our roots despite staying far millions of kilometers. Try the traditional home decor with the tapestries that are an exemplary form of art in itself. Raise the standards of decoration to a unique form that brings ethnicity along with a lot of praise.

Hi there! I’m Shweta Sharma, a 30 yr old homemaker and a part-time blogger. I started my blogging with two goals in mind – To become an independent woman & to inspire, share and motivate others through my home decorating experiences. Decorating a home was always my passion. After marriage, I found myself more inspired and fascinated by the world of decoration and home transformations. So, I decided to write about home decoration, creative DIY projects and inexpensive ways to decorate a home. Personally, I like the traditional style because this classic style is all about comfort, warmth, and familiarity.

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