Rajrang Launches Antico Paisley – The New Luxury Collection in Home Decor & Home Furnishings

Antico Paisley - Rajrang's New Luxury Collection

Beat the effect of the scorching heat and the boiling temperature in summers with the simplest of home decor accessories, trendy and latest from Rajrang. Add the newly launched Antico Paisley prints and the luxurious collection to hit your home decor and furnishings like never before. Use the new collection of embellished cushion covers, bed sheets, and other similar items for your next home ornamentation.

The Rajrang has experimented to bring the best, and the artistic collection through the new range of products that can be purchased online. Comfortable and durable products that give you value for money. The sophisticated designs crafted neatly on the bed sheets, cushion covers, floor cushion covers, and other utility items bring grace to your home.

Antico Paisley - Cushion Covers

They are presently available online at www.rajrang.com providing the exclusive solution for the interior designing at home.

The Paisley symbol originated from Persia during the rule of the Sassanians. Their culture continues to influence the Persian identity till date. This Paisley symbol began to appear in the Persian fabrics. The symbol had a resemblance to a teardrop or a kidney. In India, the Paisley patterns and designs refer to fertility.

Also, the Paisley name is derived from the patterns or designs printed onto the fabric during the large-scale industrial production in Paisley, Scotland.

The Paisley patterns evolved majorly in the parts of Kashmir, India, where the kings wore the shawls with the imprints of this classic design. The weavers translated the art beautifully into the fabrics.

To carry the legacy of the art forward, inculcate it in our daily lives, the skilled craftsmen at Rajrang has put forth their efforts to fashion the fabric precisely that can be used in several different ways.

The flush and opulent prints connect your home decorating style to grandeur and richness. These paisley print collections are handcrafted that makes it unique. The fabric used is of high quality to render you smooth finesse and comfort. The product quality assures you of the durability and longevity. Cotton made bed sheets and pillow covers that are skin friendly as well.

Antico Paisley - Bed sheets

Rajrang believes in giving their customers the best experience they can have over the use of their products. The fabric material used is breathable, and the paisley patterns make it look exquisite. 100% cotton fabric is used to manufacture the floor cushion covers, cushion covers, bed sheets that will withstand years of washing also. They claim not to use the hybrid fabric that does not have a trace of polyester.

They form the best pick for the month of summers considering the print and the material of the fabric. Quite affordable the floor cushion covers fall in the price range of $12.45. Similarly, the wide range of bed sheets falls in the range of a minimum of $36.45  and a maximum of $44.95 .

The superior home furnishing and decor solution from Rajrang will surely help you fill spaces to create the stunning and amazing down home.

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