How to Choose a Purse That Perfectly Matches Our Outfits?

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Girls can not do without the purse with any outfits and on any occasion. There is no science and secret in creating the perfect match of the dress and the purse. Honestly, the girls have multiple options of the purse that can go with each of their attire.

I am studying in a college where fashion and styling are the spines of the students. The air in the college is lively with the high-spirited girls that portray themselves with utter pride and confidence. But how much intensely they try and classify themselves, their looks and appearance always get accomplished with the trendiest purse they carry.

The purse is the best companions to all girls in the college; that enhances their style quotients up to the next level. In today’s time, what I feel that the fashion and styling is a part of the daily routine of the girls. By this, I do not mean to say that the girls are showy and always go with the ostentatious fashion accessories. Well, I am of the opinion that girls should go independent and confident, and if accessorizing adds to that confidence, why should the girls lie back?

The day to day women fashion accessory includes the purse and the bags. To carry a purse along with is seriously not a rocket science, it is just that the girls should know which purse to match with their clothing. Here is how we can understand to choose a purse that perfectly matches the outfits.

Know your comfort and body shape

Whatever we wear and carry, should always up our appearance and confidence. The size and the dimensions of the purse or the bags shall compliment our body curves. Like I have seen some girls with the pear shaped body carrying the large hip length purse. For me, it goes incorrect as the smaller length shoulder bag or purse would look much better driving attention on to the slimmer area of the body.

Purse Matching Body Shape

On the contrary, the short height girls should carry the long bags that will make them look taller and trendy. For the slim and the tall girls, I believe the big, round and the oversized bags will suit the personality.

Dress according to the occasion and then match the purse

When I have to attend any social gathering, I am always very excited for the dress I will wear and the accessories that will go with my dress. Overdoing for any event is not in, but being very simple can also spoil the fun. For me just the right match is perfect.

For a wedding, a seductive clutch purse will be sufficient for me to carry. Obviously, the size of it should be enough to carry my lip gloss and the mobile. Well, the contrast colors fascinate me and is a lot in vogue as well.

Clutch Bags

When off to college, a shoulder bag that will be good to keep the notebook and another stuff is very convenient to carry. Wearing printed scarfs with outfits in different styles also adds charm to the look. Moreover, the string of this shoulder bag can have a scarf tied neatly to it. Honestly, the scarf will be good in the time of need which otherwise will enhance the looks of the purse.

Shoulder Bag

The tote bags are also too much in vogue. Quite affordable, the tote bags come in the multiple designs and prints. Completing a college girl accessory, the fashionable looks we create for yourself with the tote is just incomparable.
Try the tote bags with a pair of jeans and a fitting shirt for the elegance and ease.

Do not create a perfect match

Creating too much matching for any purse with the clothing is not a good idea. It simply damages the style quotient. Like with the colorful clothes, I suggest a neutral sling bag that will break the too much of the color appearance. Another standard-year-old tip to choose the purse goes simply like match the shoes and the purse to avoid any confusion.

Sling Bag

The metallic shades of the bags are also in fashion. These shades do not always signify any occasion, and can be carried with the simple pair of jeans and a regular shirt. The combination does not appear to be gaudy at all.

Other than what we have read above, the basic idea behind choosing the right purse that matches with your attire is to pronounce loud your style statement. The classic collection of the leather purse or the sling bag will never defeat the purpose. The leather purse is always a correct pick to look rich.

Leather Bags

Similarly, the studded purse and the studded satchel bags are too much sophisticated in style. For that drop-dead gorgeous appeal, we should be confident with our clothing and the purse type. Do not just try to fit in the standard bag for all the purposes.

Each kind of a purse has its significance and a purpose. Before we select the purse, we should be sure of as to why do we need it. For example, a tote bag is the one that is for the much practical needs like that can be taken to the college or shopping while the sling bag is taken for a casual needs.

Purse Bag Collection

I have about 6-7 bags in my collection, one of each kind that serves my requirements. The basic collection of the purse for each one of us includes a black, a white and a brown leather purse. Now that comes entirely an independent wish to have which kind of a bag in which color.

Go out to buy the purse that matches your dress and defines your style quotient.

Hi, people! I am Sanita, a 24-year fashion blogger cum fashion lover. I am a style loving, makeup obsessed fashion freak. I’ve always been passionate about fashion and styling, but I never knew that it would turn me into a fashion blogger. With the writing, I can inspire women’s to dress well and help them feel confident in their style and fashion choices. I am a huge fan of Chiara Ferragni - The Blonde Salad blogger who also inspired me to write about fashion, latest trends, and style. Now I’m an independent woman who earns 40K from her writing skills. For me, fashion is a combination of style and comfort. If I talk about my personal style, then I choose to be in casual wearing a blue destroyed jean with a front tucked tank top. To add a little fun twist to my style, I prefer a styling sling bag, glasses, funky neckpiece and a pair of high heels.

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