Add Colorful Flair to Your Home with Bohemian Tapestry

Bohemian Decor

The Bohemian home interior decorating style is usually appreciated for its ethnic taste, use of vibrant colors, and artistic patterns. Largely inspired by the hippie movement in the late 1960s and 1970s, Bohemian decor has a certain flow yet relaxed aesthetic in it. However, the greatest advantage of embracing a Boho style is the endless possibilities you can come up with it.

Since putting up Bohemian decor is not governed by any rules, you can experiment and add touches that will perfectly suit your own style. You can explore painted vintage furniture, colorful canopies, and even Bohemian Mandala Tapestry and the result is usually a design that’s completely original.

If you’re looking for some ideas that you can get inspiration from the next time you decide to redecorate your home’s wall decor, then you can take a look at these tips:

1.    Hang Mandala Bohemian Tapestry on Your Wall

If you feel like a blank wall is an anathema, then let it hold art by putting up a Bohemian wall hanging.  Often made from the finest materials, Bohemian wall tapestry is usually soft. It’s layered with artisanal patterns that are known for being unique. To make it stand out, you can make use of textural contrast. For example, you can add a patterned rug, Tiffany lamp, and antique brass to create an eclectic element.

Bohemian Wall Hanging Tapestry

When putting Mandala Tapestry with other patterns, make sure that they interact with each other and not create a chaotic feel.

2.    Drape Boho Tapestry Over Home Furnishing

Every furniture piece can be a canvass of art, so don’t hesitate in using Bohemian Tapestry on main home furnishing. The geometric pattern of Mandala, which has an underlying meaning of metaphysical cosmos creates a subtle connection to other tones of color. Hence, it can only add flair to any piece of furniture. You can let it drape over the sofa, the living room table, etc.  and compose a space that is good for lounging.

What’s great about letting the tapestry casually drape over home furnishing is that you can easily change it if you ever decide that your home needs another make-over. On the other hand, it may not stay in place. To remedy this problem, you can add a generous pile of cushion over the boho tapestry to hold it. The cushions can serve a dual purpose—an anchor and accessory.

3.    Put It in Your Creative Space

Before Mandala Tapestry is used as a decor, it was a symbol of balance first. That’s why it is highly effective in decreasing stress level as it said to ease the mind of those affected by a hectic schedule and excessive workload.

Bohemian Home Office Decor

You can set a spot in your home meant for sketching, designing, or doing any work. Then, you can hang a blue bohemian wall tapestry on its wall and pair it with a beautiful geometric pattern grey rug. This place will not only add flair to your home, but it will also help you keep your creative ideas flowing.

However, you design your house interior, the most important thing is that you are comfortable living in it. Embrace individuality and embrace style!

Jade Saplad is a freelance Project Manager/Editor/Writer from Cebu, Philippines. She graduated from the course BSEd-English at Cebu Normal University and is currently taking her Masters in ESL at the University of the Philippines. In her free time, she’s either seen reading books or doing DIY home improvement projects. When writing, she prefers to tackle subjects within her interest like education awareness, literature, and home decor.

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