7 Ways to Express Your Love for Your Super Dad This Father’s Day

Father's Day

Father’s Day is almost here, giving us yet another reason to celebrate and make our fathers feel special. Nothing in the world can be as beautiful as a relationship between a father and a child. Some relationships do not need a celebration as they are simply special and undeniable. Similarly, a love for the father is priceless and incomparable to your love for anyone else in the world.

Let us have this father’s day 2016 celebrations like never before, making it a memorable one. Pronounce your feeling and love in different ways to tell your dad that he is the most important person in your life. I have my plans to make this day happy and special by paying him umpteen love and bundle of surprises. Plan your father’s day gifts and kick start the day to express your love to your loving dad.

Share his memories to unwind a bundle of joy

It makes someone feel important when we take an interest in their past, present and future. Pay some attention to your father and ask him how has he been able to make everything possible for us. Choose a place where you can sit with your dad for hours, listen to what he says and talk endlessly. Simple yet valuable as ever, begin your conversation showing deep interest in it. I am sure, we all will learn things that would be valuable for us. Try to lessen his worries and double his happiness by sharing his experiences.

Father's Day Gifts - Diary

Pen it down and fold the letter

We all learn differently and the most valuable lessons of life from our fathers. If you share that precious bonding with your dad, just write it down on paper. There can be no better way to express your feelings than to write a letter. Give your best and pen down the beautiful experiences of life that you have shared with your dad.

Try to make it presentable by using the special handmade paper. It will just give you and him a special touch to the letter. Moreover, you can also gift him a personalized handmade diary if he loves writing.

 A special moment recorded on a compact disc

Record the favorite and the best time spent with your dad in a compact disc. This could be the best way to tell him that he means a lot to you. You can store it in the car music system that he would play on his way. I am sure this will surely touch your father and make him feel very special. This compact disc is something that he can keep it in his collection.

Frame your pictures. Get crafty

Father's Day Gifts - Photo Frame

If there had been a moment where you could not clearly spell out your thanks and gratitude, do it now. Pictures are another mode in which you can make the Father’s Day celebration worthy of it. Try the one’s in which your dad looked fabulous and handsome.

Believe me; this will make him feel special and proud of the moment you had shared once. Consider the color and the paint on the wall and then choose the type of the frame. You can go for a wall photo frame or a bedside photo frame. It will be better if you do the framing on your own and get crafty.

Watch favorite old time movies with him after you cook together

Just accompany your dad for the whole day and I guess that will be an unbeatable gift for him. Create a collection of his favorite movie DVD’s be it new or an older one, be it a sports film or a heroic film.Watch these DVD’s with him and notice the peace on his mind. Try to make it better by cooking his favorite cuisine along with him.I am sure this will be the best gifts for dad.

Plan a picnic or an outing with your dad

Just plan for a picnic or an outing with your dad. Moreover, Plan a surprise and take him to a kind of a place where he wants to be or he likes to be. Remember, it his day of celebration so his choices and priorities should top your chart.

Father's Day Gifts - Wine Bottle Holder

Recreation is a thing that misses from the lives of our fathers. Let us plan an outing for his relaxation. Carry he’s favorite wine in a beautiful wine bottle holder to the picnic and take some games stuff to make the outing more exciting.


Old or young, every man has a dire craze for the gadgets. Mobile phones are the most popular gift that I am sure even your father will like. But you can also look for some other techno gadgets that can make his life easier and better. Like you can pick a power bank for him saving on his frustration next time his phone loses battery.

Let your dad be on his own with the funkiest and the latest gadgets.

Before you make a plan for this day, always remember that the father’s day and its celebration is not at all about money. It is important to spare your time and express your love to him in the best possible way. You can also shop the best gift for your dad from Rajrang’s special father’s day sale.

Happy Father’s Day to All!

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