7 Fabulous Ways to Style a Tapestry

Mandala tapestry

Tapestry is one of my favorite accessory that compliments my home decor exactly the way I want. Art, craft and culture truly fascinate me to the core. And this is something which is displayed in every hook and corner of my house.

Meaningful and beautiful artworks will be my heart throb and will surely form a part of my home decor. There are different patterns and designs of the tapestry that can either be used as a wall hanging, a bedspread or as a curtain. Get hands on these seven ways to style a tapestry.

The exquisite Mandala Bed Spreads

Breaking the banal and the overstated style of decor, the Mandala bedspreads will be a new transformation for the bedrooms. Getting that extra ethnic touch to the home is somewhat different. The large mandala bedspreads for the double bed will display the best of the art.

Tapestry as a bedspread

Simply lay a bedspread to lend new life to your room. Choose the colors of the mandala tapestry that suits best to the room furnishings and the color of the walls.

A Tapestry as Bed Canopy

Suddenly, what a brilliant idea flooded my mind. I thought of using the tapestry as a canopy. The kids bedroom in my house has twin beds. To make it cozy and give my child some privacy, the tapestry canopy was a fantastic idea. The aesthetic designs and craft made our room look cozy, giving some quiet retreat.

Sleeping under the canopy provides a king-like treatment, improving the overall experience.

The Tapestry Bed Headboards

If there is no back-rest in the bed, good. Do not panic, to the fact that the walls will go faded by taking too much rest against the wall. Simply enhance the room décor with the navy blue tapestry bed headboards. Add life to the room using a bright or the contrast colored art piece.

Rajrang - Tapestry as bed headboard

Some bolster covers or the throw pillow covers in the similar prints and patterns will boost the look. A new way that is obviously not very common. Hang a lamp to the ceiling to have a sufficient light when reading a novel in the night. The colors will best reflect after the illumination of the lamp.

Hang it on the wall

Get closer to the perfect home decor style and hang a large wall hanging mandala tapestry onto the wall. Cover up the blank wall spaces to create the magical effects in any room you try the makeover.

The tapestries can be used anywhere in the indoor or even outside. What we should know is to settle with the prints and patterns that will look good inside and outside the home.

Like in a verandah or a balcony, we can have a mirror worked or a patchwork tapestry. For the indoors, I prefer to have the traditional and the religious tapestries. Like we have personally used the Bohemian tapestry to add that extra rhythm to the existing room décor.

For the partial illumination from the natural lights!

If there are large windows in the room and too much of the natural light that is of course good. But to avoid the heat penetrating through the window like in summers, the best is to hang a beautiful decorative tapestry.

Rajrang - Tapestry as curtains

Prefer to pick the cotton tapestries that allow partial penetration of the natural light. Like I have used some geometric prints and patterns for the window. The floral tapestry can be converted to a window blind or curtains, leaving it very easy to operate. The partial illumination creates a very cozy atmosphere and ambiance that I like the most.

A grand meal with the awe-inspiring tapestry spread on the table

A little different, yet impressive style of dining together. Make the grand meals, enjoying with the awe-inspiring tapestry that spreads on the table. The choice of the tapestry can be distinguished and self-loving. Like for summers, I have a floral screen printed tapestry that spreads on my table.

Not only does the tapestry improves the dining experience, but it also saves the furniture abrasions. The unyielding stains on the furniture irritate me as then it requires a lot of effort to improve this.

Make it the best beach coverlets

Lay in peace and relax on the beach side. Use the beautiful and cotton made tapestry as the beach coverlets. Prefer the one’s that are fabricated in cotton as they are easy to manage. Please make sure to note the care instructions as otherwise either the tapestry will rip off or the colors will fade.

Rajrang - Tapestry as beach throw

Take it to the next picnic destination.A weekend means a visit to the beach with friends. If possible just try to fix the waterproof to the tapestry. It will save you to get wet or too much soaked into the sand.

Try some of these styling tips to beautify the home. Home decor is my weakness, and that is why something new occupies my mind that I like to share. Tapestry is an old and ancient art that finds places in our homes till date.

Before making the purchase always note the care instructions and material or the quality of the fabric. If made of colors, try and get the tapestry dry cleaned before the next use.

Go strong and independent with the mandala tapestry home decor.

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