12 Accessories to Perk up Your Kitchen

Kitchen Accessories

If your kitchen does not look lively and colorful, let us try and add some accessories to perk it up. We can prefer to add those accessories which not only has a utility but also helps to improve the kitchen decor.

Apart from adding to the decor, accessories make cooking a whole lot better and improved thereby reducing the time to prepare the food. Let us try to bring the 12 accessories that can perk up the kitchen.

Tea Coasters

Go chic and clean on the kitchen tables or the dining tables with the Tea Coasters. Develop healthily and hygienic habits of serving liquids and food. Serve the drinks in the most attractive drink wares and place them on the coasters to avoid staining. Save your furniture by using the tea coasters. Keep them clean to avoid embarrassments.

The flashy Crystal Tumblers

Crystal wares are always an attraction to any place but kitchen shelves. As they reflect best light and sparkles when adequate light falls on it. Different designs, shapes, and sizes of the glasswares will add spice to the kitchen. It will also help to enhance the drinking experience.

Resplendent Ceramic Wares, Decorative Bowls

Decorative bowls

The silver and brass bowls are a new in for the kitchen. Enjoy cooking and storing the food in the large ceramic bowls.  They will brighten up the kitchen altogether. Serve the food in those great brass decorative bowls and salads in the decorative plates when you have guests at home. An essential kitchen accessory that builds up the dining experience as well.

Re-purpose the old but large Tea Kettle

Make an arrangement for the easy storage of the kitchen tools like a knife, spoons and others in the old tea kettle that you do not use. Settle for a bright enameled ceramic ware that adds beauty to the kitchen platform where the tea kettle is kept.

It can be any other thing like a crystal jug that has a wide opening mouth and can store the kitchen tools. A great idea and the easiest way in which you can induce color to the overall appearance.

A Wall Clock

Breaking the boredom, let us hang a new kind of wall clock that may be either made of stone or a chunk of wood. Get it personalized by getting some funky prints on it. If you choose a wall clock made of stone, choose the one that matches to your kitchen décor.

Add luxury to the kitchen by using the marble wall clock. It introduces the modern and the minimalist interiors. A family wall clock will also look great or may be the one that reminds of the time and seconds.

An eye- catching calendar

A calendar is a must to have in the kitchen. You always want to maintain a track of things that are used in the kitchen and keep a note on their consumption of food products like milk. A calendar can also help to highlight upcoming events on which you wish to cook something special.

Make a schedule, using this calendar, of what to cook and on which day. This is the easiest way to bring some change to the cooking.

Bright Colored Stools

When we have got a company to our cooking time, let us offer the colorful stool to be comfortably seated. Enjoy chatting and sipping the fresh juice while you cook in the kitchen. They pop-up the kitchen decor breaking the color monotone. Try to match other kitchen accessories to these bright and candy- colored stools.

Wire baskets to store the food

Any kitchen will look bland without the wire fruit basket. Add an attractive pop of color to the kitchen with the help of the wire basket. You can store the fresh and washed fruits or maybe some vegetables in these colored baskets.

Go for the ones that do not have a large opening along their hemisphere as then it gets less difficult to store the food. Instead of purchasing a new, you can also paint an old wired basket yourself in the color that you love.

Wine Bottle Holder

Wine bottle holders

Serve the classiest and the healthiest drink in an impressive way. Store the wine bottle in the wine bottle holder. It helps to keep the bottle intact, and there are fewer chances that the bottle can fall and break. A must have for the dinners you serve and when the friends are in.

Plant some herbs that you use

Planting the herbs is a trendy and fashionable way of cooking these days. The small herbs like basil, mint, coriander and other are easy to plant in the old tin boxes or the colorful enameled ceramic planters.

They are very easy to hang on the wall occupying not much of the space. It adds soothing colors to the kitchen giving us fresh flavors in food.

A stylish mortar and pestle set

Any food tastes yummy when there is a blend of flavors and has the aroma of freshness. An elegant mortar and pestle set is used to grind the fresh spices that are essential to be added to the different cuisines.

Hook the napkins or the hand towels

The designer and the attractive ancient hooks is a very useful kitchen accessory. Keep your kitchen clean with the napkins or the hand towels hung on it. You will save on the time instead of looking for the napkins here and there.

An accessory that you can flaunt for its designs, colors, and usage.

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